Resources for Deaf Outreach

We want to share Deaf Outreach resources as widely as possible so that all people (especially Deaf People) can learn about God's Word.  

This secton is intended to organize and share resources with you.  

Note:  For all of the Searchable PDF files, you can expand them to full screen and then download to your computer or phone for future use without finding them again on our website.  

The first 2 Searchable PDF documents provide links to videos for all of the vocabulary words (ASL signs) used during ASl-1 and ASL-2. 

ASLJS-1_Searchable Vocabulary List_ALL.pdf

ASL-1 Searchable Vocabulary List 

ASLJS-2 Searchable Vocabulary ALL.pdf

ASL-2 Searchable Vocabulary List 

We have MANY ASL videos on YouTube.   Most of them are used in the ASL&Jesus Signs course (ASL-1 or ASL-2) or on one of these website pages.   However, the following Searchable PDF files provide several ways of looking for resources that you might want for learning or for outreach.  

Mark732 YouTube Playlist.pdf

Mark732 has 5 different YouTube Channels.  This PDF provides an overview and links to many YouTube Playlists


Prayers and Songs on YouTube

ASL Basics.pdf

ASL Basics (Including Linguistics and Culture)


Expanded Videos.pdf

Expanded Conversational Signs, Sentence Practice and Culture 

Resources for Deaf Outreach  - Site Map 

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