Main Street

Help with Shopping 

We understand that there is a need to help Merchants and Shop Owners better communicate and better serve the Deaf in our community.  There are at least two ways to do this:  1st - the uses of available technology, and 2nd - learning a few basic ASL signs.  

Use readily available technology apps

(Otter and Live Transcribe)  

Live Transcribe is free on Android, but required a fee on iPhone.   Otter is free on both

Scan the QR code below to download a copy of the PDF containing 22 useful signs (words or expressions) .   A printed copy can be used as a quick reference when you are helping deaf customers in your store.  


While the PDF is open on your smartphone, you can save it to your Home Screen for future use.

Main Street Shopping - Vocabulary 

Videos explaining the 22+ signs (words / expressions) are available to view on YouTube in the form of a Playlist

Only the first video will play on this page