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WELCOME to our NEW American Sign Language with Jesus Signs page!

If you want to learn ASL this is the place for you!

You can learn ASL plus learn how to share your faith with Deaf people and their families.

ASL Sign Class

          Learn to sign at your own pace

          Learn ASL plus learn Jesus Signs and learn how to share about Jesus.

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          ASL-1 and 2 are complete. 

ASL-3 and ASL-4 are in work.

We have ASL 1 and ASL 2 available – 16 classes on each level for $99

You can take at your own pace


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We are using this curriculum at various school: Elementary, High Schools, Colleges, plus many individuals.  We thank God He is providing the people to help develop and make these available online.

More Information

ASL & Jesus Signs is an exciting (‘new’) way to learn American Sign Language (ASL).  ASLJS-1 incorporates all of the elements of a classical ASL-1 course, but does it in a unique and fun new way.  It empathizes storytelling and each unit focuses on a familiar Bible story.  I also teach us “Jesus Signs” which helps us to share our faith others.  ASLJS-2 continues the classical elements of ASL-2, introduces 15 new Bible stories, and Expands on the 15 Bible stores from semester 1. 

If you are using any of our YouTube resources (like vocabulary word/sings) it is helpful to understand the numbering of the stories 1-16, 17-31 and 2E-15E (Expanded).  Stories 1-16 and 17-31 are based upon a 6x6 or 7x7 story summary. Expanded stories 2E-15E are based upon the full NIrV text and introduces a lot of new signs not previously covered. 

ASLJS-1 Outline

ASLJS-2 Outline

These lists should be vey helpful if you are using any of the Searchable PDF files on our Resource for Deaf Outreach page.