If you work with the Deaf in your area, we want to share as many resources as possible in order to help make you effective.   


Technology - Smart Phone Apps

Use readily available technology apps

(Otter and Live Transcribe)  

Live Transcribe is free on Android, but required a fee on iPhone.   Otter is free on both.

Microsoft Word - Dictate   

 If you use Microsoft Office 365 on your PC,  MS Word - Dictate is another excellent tool that will live transcribe voice into printed text.  This can be very effective for helping deaf understand things in a conference room or office type environment.  If also provides a permanent record of the conversation.  

YouTube Resources 

Most of our YouTube resources are used somewhere in our courses or on this website; however, you are welcome to brouse our YouTube channels to look for things that you need.   The following outline/links may be helpful in finding things that you need or are interested in.  

YouTube Channels and Playlist will be listed here